A Baptism.

Last year, in September, one of my good friends, Bethany, shared with me that she had made a decision to give her life to Jesus. This was a huge decision for her, but characteristically, she thought it through and has stuck it out. She asked to be baptized this year and we had a special service in September for her baptism.

So, here are some photos of the baptism day, mostly thanks to Fineas P. who gave permission for me to use his photos. He has a great camera and good eye for photography, and I’m glad we have some good photos for Bethany.

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IMG_6978 IMG_6976

 Sunday morning, we had a church service at our little chapel. My dad preached, and David shared scriptures specifically for Bethany.


These three girls shared a song prepared especially for the service. They sing so well together!

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IMG_7663 IMG_7664

Jut before she was baptized, Beth shared her testimony of the happiness and fulfillment she has found in Jesus. She couldn’t stop smiling all day!

IMG_7013  IMG_7011
IMG_7003  IMG_7002

And after the deed was done, there were hugs and smiles all around. (I love these photos!)


IMG_7018 IMG_6987


For lunch, we set up plastic gazebos in our front yard and asked everyone to bring meat to throw on the barbecue. 


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Following shortly: a blog post about the annual conference (in September) and random events from Gympie!